Alpaca Farm Sitting

Looking after herds of up to 50 camelids, (Alpacas, Suris, Llamas) whilst you’re away. Live-in, including your own pets.

  • Alpacas are cared-for by an expert alpaca-owner. Miss Poppins’ helps care for her family’s herd of over 100 alpacas including all husbandry tasks and duties such as feeding, halter-training, bottle feeding etc.
  • House is secure whilst you’re away
  • Less stress for your pets, no need for kennels
  • One to-one care, no chance of any missed illnesses or medication if required
  • Animals’ usual routines are not disturbed. Miss Poppins follows your farms routine
  • Experienced with birthing, having assisted many times at Herts’ Alpacas with all aspects of clearing-airways including spraying the umbilical cord. Have also completed a difficult birthing course.

Please get in-touch for pricing and availability.